Ticket Only Events

Occasionally, the Club will host “Ticket Only” events. These will be clearly identified on the Club’s Event Schedules.

Who do I contact to book Tickets?

When the event is publicised on Facebook, you will be given a telephone number. Just check on Facebook and scroll down to the Event announcement.

Note that the club’s volunteers have full time occupations, and may not be available to take a call – so please text or WhatsApp, instead.

Alternatively, e-mail the club or use the Webform.

You could also try messaging the club on Facebook – but this is likely to take longer to get back to you.

What Information do you need?

  1. State the name of the person buying the tickets (presumably your name).
  2. The number of Tickets required
  3. Whether you are a Club member or non-member (and, if a non-member, whether you will also be joining as a member)
  4. Optionally, if e-mailing/Web form, your mobile number so we can contact you.

I’ve got/ordered tickets but can no longer go!

Please contact the Club using one of the above methods as we usually have a waiting list for tickets.

Do this as soon as you know you can’t attend – if you leave it until the last minute, it may not be possible to match you with someone on the waiting list, in time.

What’s On?

Current Ticket Only Events are as follows – see the Event Schedules for full details:


August: Hells Bells – SOLD OUT

October: Sorted

November: Night at the Opera Cancelled

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