One of the biggest achievements is the way the local community has come together, volunteering on a weekly basis for the many jobs that go unnoticed – such as the weekly cleans, trips to cash-and-carry to restock, as well as waiting in for brewery deliveries and the day-to-day management.

There have also been a number of big-ticket items which deserve special mention and are showcased in the following photographs.

Pictures of the garden and flower beds in full bloom

There has been a real push to create an outside space, which is attractive to pollinators, and anyone passing the club. Volunteers have taken cuttings from their existing plants and created a garden area, which, this year, has come into its own .

Pictures of volunteers painting and working on clearing up

The exterior of the Club has received some TLC, with volunteers touching up the paint work and ensuring the paths are clear of dirt .

Pictures of people painting the interior of the club

There’s been a lot of painting undertaken inside the entrance, as well as the main hall. Many thanks to everyone who has turned up to the many calls for painting working parties!

Pictures of various repair work carried out by volunteers and the new fire doors.

There are always jobs to be done, repairing inside and out. All the exit fire doors have been replaced in the last year, either funded from members’ donations, fundraising raffle proceeds or via grant from the Coalfields Regeneration Trust ❤️. The club is very grateful for any financial support from organisations able to assist with finance for essential work.